Tastes of Then and Now

Meet Newstalgic


Who We Are

At Newstalgic Foods, we merge traditional home processing techniques with exciting flavor combinations. Always focused on clean-eating, our ingredients are sourced locally, when seasonal, and recipes stay true to the idea that less is more. A light hand is used with salt, citric acid preserves naturally, and fruit juices supplement sugar in all our products.  We at Newstalgic Foods thank you for bringing our tradition to your homes.


What You'll Taste

Bursting with personality, our small-batch processed traditional jams and jellies combine the sweet punch of fruit with hints of lively herbs and natural extracts to develop flavor profiles all your guests will love.  For a bolder experience, our savory combinations enliven platters with undertones of pepper, lemongrass, ginger and more.  Whether served with baked goods, added to recipes or accompanying cheese, these jams and jellies are sure to brighten up all of your dishes.

Lets Jam